Can Tim Cook create Apple TV?

Can Tim Cook create Apple TV?

Apple's new chief Tim Cook got a handsome signing bonus, but he might have a few problems ahead.

Macrumours reports that the Apple board has given Cook one million Apple shares as part of the deal. With Apple priced at $383, that makes a really generous payout.

Still, Cook could run into roadblocks with Apple TV. Joshua Topolsky at the Washington Post reports that Apple plans to "reinvent" the way consumers pay for and watch television (as the company did with music through iTunes) by developing a new technology to deliver video to televisions as well as launching a subscription TV service.

ZD Net's Larry Dignam says TV is the next big thing for Apple. "As noted previously, Apple's roadmap is pretty much set for the next few years. Jobs will be chairman, have creative say and Apple's team will carry out the future roadmap. At some point, however, Apple will need its next category killer and Cook will be leading that charge. Many analysts point to TVs as Apple's next product."

There are two problems here: cable programmers will fight it and they have lots of cash to spend, and Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs.

Gizmodo's Sam Biddle spells it out very clearly. "It took Jobs himself years to beat major record labels into $0.99 submission-dealing with every cable network under the sun will be even harder."

This could be Cook's undoing. As Splat F's Dan Frommer says: "Steve Jobs has gotten a lot done by being Steve Jobs. He can tell people they're stupid, and they'll agree and probably even give him what he wants, because he's Steve Jobs. Tim Cook can't do that yet."


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