Extreme weather events now the new normal

Extreme weather events now the new normal

In the last year or so, we have seen the global weirding of weather patterns. More strange weather all over the globe, including environmental disasters such as floods, droughts, extreme storms, fires and tornadoes. In the first six months of 2011, we have seen image after image of human misery, ecological upheaval and distress as people's homes are destroyed and their lives left in upheaval. Droughts, wildfires, twisters, floods, heat waves, extreme blizzards, we are seeing just about every natural disaster hitting every place on the planet. It's now becoming the new meteorological reality.

The Guardian reports that this is now becoming the "new normal" all over the world. And while climate change sceptics will say that we have always had extreme weather, the biggest concern is that these events are becoming more frequent.

There are some who say the El Nina and El Nino events will fade and the weather will start to stabilise. The trouble is we won't know what's normal anymore, or whether it's just a temporary respite.


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