More FIFA bribery

More FIFA bribery

Transparency International has called on FIFA to fix itself up in the wake of the bribery scandal during its last presidential election but that's unlikely. FIFA's culture of corruption runs deep.

According to reporter Andrew Jennings on his website , the FBI is examining documents charting more than $500,000 in payments made by a Caribbean soccer group to controversial American FIFA official Chuck Blazer. This is the man who blew the whistle on bribery during the acrimonious FIFA elections. If Jennings is right, he would know all about it.

Blazer has since told Reuters that Jennings story is "replete with errors" and claims Jennings is pushing an agenda. But he hasn't denied receiving the money.

Transparency International is wrong. Expecting FIFA to fix itself is delusional. Like any organized crime family, FIFA can't change. It needs to be shut down and rebuilt.


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