Murdoch family wars

Murdoch family wars

On a related matter, it looks like the Murdoch corporation is riven with family conflict.

Earlier in the week, The Telegraph reported that Murdoch's daughter Elizabeth had told friends that Brooks had "fucked the company". That might have been telling only half the story.

Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff has come out on Twitter and said: "Reports Elisabeth Murdoch said Rebekah Brooks "fucked the company" are incomplete. She said: 'James and Rebekah fucked the company.'"

The Guardian quotes Wolff saying this is the end of Murdoch's dynastic ambitions. "What we are seeing is an enormous amount of frustration. James absolutely cannot survive,'' Wolff says. "Whether or not he is legally culpable, he certainly mishandled this entire situation and has done for a long period of time. The Murdochs will be moved out of this company. James will go into some form of exile and Rupert will be put out to pasture and an outsider not named Murdoch will be put in charge."

It's the end of the empire.


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