Murdoch’s dark days

Murdoch's dark days

Can it get any worse for Rupert Murdoch's News International? After James Murdoch fell on his sword to protect dad's business, we now have revelations from Reuters that two senior journalists working for the Sun tried topping themselves as the pressure mounts on the company. "Three sources close to the company told Reuters on Tuesday the two journalists at the Sun daily appeared to have tried to take their own lives. Investigations sparked by a phone-hacking scandal continue to expose dubious practices by present and past employees."

This raises an interesting question. If Murdoch's journalists are ready to kill themselves, what about the managers who ordered them to break the law? Well, it seems they feel quite differently about it.

You see, we have the story that a senior member of the unit Rupert Murdoch created to clean up reporting practices at his British newspapers, Will Lewis, a former editor of the business pages of Murdoch's London Sunday Times who later became top editor at the group which owns Britain's Daily Telegraph, has hired a private security firm for personal protection.

And meanwhile the pressure continues to build with Bloomberg reporting that police have now discovered that "hacking victims were more widespread than the New York-based media company had admitted."

This case will keep building. One way or another, it will have to be resolved.

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