No more suicides: Foxconn to replace workers with robots

No more suicides: Foxconn to replace workers with robots

Foxconn, the company that makes iPads and iPhones for Apple, has come up with the perfect solution to stop its workers from suiciding. In response to the first wave of suicides, the company increased wages, installed preventative netting to stop people from jumping to their deaths and had its nearly 1,200,000 employees to sign no-suicide pledges. But still, people kept dying. In May, we had reports of a 20 year old jumping off the factory building.

Now Foxconn has decided to get rid of its workforce altogether. Xinhua reports that the company plans to replace its workers with a million robots over the next three years. The robots will do all the spraying, welding and assembling which are now mainly conducted by human beings. The company now has 10,000 robots, it plans to increase that to 300,000 next year and one million in three years time.

That will solve the problem. It won't do Foxconn's reputation much good but they don't really care. And who cares what the robots think?


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