Obama, US CEOs and global investors

Extraordinary developments are now happening with Barack Obama. In America, he is reviled but the rest of the world loves him.

Consider the way US chief executive officers are now getting stuck into the President. Angry that he is trying to rein in the excesses of Wall Street, they are comparing him to the leaders of communist Russia and Adolf Hitler. Similarly, the Center for Responsive Politics has found that US corporations are now pouring money into the GOP, away from the Democrats. According to their data, 52% of the donations has gone to the Republicans and it's building.

Compare that with this report from Bloomberg showing that while three out of four US investors see Obama as anti-business, most investors outside the US say he offers the right balance.

For the US, that's scary. It shows how polarized politics has become in the US. More to the point, it shows how out of touch many big US investors and American business leaders are with the rest of the world.


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