Police phones hacked

Police phones hacked

A curious thing happened when British police started investigating the hacking at Murdoch's News International. As reported here, they discovered that their phone conversations were being hacked. They were concerned News of the World would punish them for making the investigations.

This is serious stuff because it suggests that News of the World journalists or investigators were attempting to influence the investigation, and pervert the course of justice.

In keeping with this, Scotland Yard has now accused News International of undermining its inquiry into police corruption by leaking confidential details of investigations to the media. In a statement, the cops said it was all "part of a deliberate campaign to undermine the investigation into the alleged payments by corrupt journalists to corrupt police officers and divert attention from elsewhere." In other words, taking attention away from News executive Rebekah Brooks.

Just another example of Murdoch's operatives acting as if they were above the law.


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