The Pentagon’s cyber war plan

The Pentagon's cyber war plan

It's a worry when the Pentagon declares the Internet to be the next theatre of war. The next step would be for governments to start vetting where we go online. That will happen if the Pentagon has its way.

The Pentagon has released its strategy for cyber space. Read through it and you would think the hackers are right out there ready to grab hold of our computers.

The Pentagon will now treat the Internet as an "operational domain" of war. This would allow the military to train and equip for cyber attacks as it does for physical threats. This is a bit of a worry, If there isn't an attack, if people aren't killed, then it really isn't war. It's just hype.

As Stuart Fox, Assistant Editor, InnovationNewsDaily puts it,the ability to cause destruction with nothing more than 1's and 0's remains beyond the reach of most countries. "There are more countries that possess nuclear weapons than there are that have the robust offensive cyberwar capabilities needed to cause serious harm, even though cyberattacks require far less technical expertise and financial investment than atomic bombs,'' Fox writes.

You can't force military doctrine into the world of digital information. In a world dominated by Facebook, Google, Twitter and Gmail, the freedom of the individual depends on the liberty created by the world wide web. Just as we don't want to have tanks driving down the street, we all want to use the Internet as we choose, without military intervention.

Regulators need to keep that in mind with the Pentagon pushing for more power.


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