BP’s scientists

BP's scientists

The allegations against BP continue to roll in. Now the BBC reports that BP tried to "buy" the best scientists and academics to help its defence against litigation after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The Beeb has obtained a copy of the contract offered to scientists. According to the contract, scientists will be required to maintain the confidentiality of all communications with BP for no less than three years.

BP has denied it's trying to buy scientists. It says it was only trying to protect confidential information.

BP's obsession with controlling the information coincides with reports from the Gawker website that it photoshopped pictures on its website supposedly showing its response to the crisis.

As an exercise in damage control, it was pretty stupid and amateurish. Wired points out that BP couldn't even employ people with remotely decent Photoshop skills. And as reported here, it's been widely ridiculed and even the White House got stuck into BP.

All this coincides with BP's attempts now to show the American public it's being open and transparent. If the buying of scientists and the Photoshop debacle are anything to go by, BP has a long way to go.


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