Chateau climate change

Chateau climate change

Zut alors!! Could this be the end of French wine?

As reported here, the owners of leading French vineyards and chefs are warning that global warming will destroy the French wine industry. In a piece published in Le Monde, they warn that wine is now vulnerable. Climate change is rendering our vineyards ever more vulnerable."Summer heat waves, recent hail storms in the Bordeaux region, new diseases arriving from the South, such irregularities will soon become far worse still," the way warn. "If nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gases, vineyards will be displaced 1,000km beyond their traditional borders between now and the end of the century. Terroirs will not survive."

They say French wine has already changed because of global warming. They now have a higher alcohol content and their texture is heavier.

Just added pressure on the French to push for a global climate change pact at Helsinki in December.


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