Citigroup's problems with women

If you're a woman, don't get a job at Citigroup. Or turn up to work in a burka.

Citigroup has been sued by female employees claiming they were discriminated against because they got pregnant.

Now we have a woman suing them claiming she was fired because she was too "hot".

According to the Village Voice, Debrahlee Lorenzana claims that she was fired by the New York branch of the bank after being told that her choice of clothes made her "too distracting" in the largely male-dominated office.

The Village Voice reports: " 'As a result of her tall stature, coupled with her curvaceous figure,' her suit says, Lorenzana was told 'she should not wear classic high-heeled business shoes, as this purportedly drew attention to her body in a manner that was upsetting to her easily distracted male managers.'

Does the lawsuit mean Citigroup has issues with women? Who knows. But as The Gothamist points out, the bank mightn't have lost all that money if she had turned up to work in a burka.


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