Conrad Black shows his frugal side

In his latest filing, disgraced former media mogul Conrad Black has expressed concern about the way the receivers at Ravelston, which has a controlling stake in Hollinger International, and Hollinger's managers are spending money, according to news reports.

Black is purportedly worried about how much they're forking out on legal fees and administration. He claims they have squandered $250 million over the past three years on professional fees, and alleges the firms have devoted their time to "examining the past to see if there are litigation 'assets' that can be pursued."

"The assets owned by the Black group and built up by them over many years are being wasted in a groundless attack against him that he is mostly paying for," the filing said.

Hey, maybe Black is trying to tell us he has a frugal side. This, from a man who allegedly turned his media company into a kleptocracy.

Remember, this is the same guy who threw a dinner for his wife, Barbara Amiel, at La Grenouille in New York for $42,870 and refurbished his Rolls Royce for $90,000. Small change really.

Black has also filed a claim seeking nearly $20.6 million plus interest relating to money paid by him to Sun-Times Media Group.

But then, Black and legal team need the money. They're sparing no expense in the lead up to his fraud trial in Chicago in March.

Now they are considering hiring jury consultants, who can charge $300 an hour and who will try their best to make him come across as a regular sort of guy, reports the Toronto Star.

So does this mean the Saville Row suits will be replaced by Ashes and sack cloth? Watch this space.

For more of an insight into Black, check out this trailer for the movie about his fall from grace, Shades of Black: The Conrad Black Story which aired this month:


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