Poring through charts and documents for compliance purposes can be absolutely mind-numbing. It's a language of its own. So the consultants JuiceAnalytics have come up with new buzzwords for data analysts, a lingua analytica if you like, here and here. It's absolutely hilarious.

Some of my faves:

analycide: death by navel-gazing

cackulating: the process of producing laughable statistics

execuhole: a senior manager who requests analysis and reporting but doesn't appear to read, comprehend or otherwise absorb the information

flufferpoint: a presentation that attempts to distract from the lack of content or evidence with use of screenbeans, clip art, and other stock pictures or illustrations.

frankensheet: a spreadsheet that has grown organically to become thoroughly incomprehensible outside of the mind of the owner

reporticane: an organisational problem where there is an excessive number of reports being generated and little understanding of the purpose

spreadalanche: a data file with more than 65,536 rows, thus making it impossible to load in Excel versions prior to Excel 2007

The scary part is that it's all so true.

Any to add?


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