KBR: $5 million for 43 minutes of work a month

It's been a bad month for KBR, the former subsidiary of Halliburton and biggest US military contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just the other week, we had the news that Jamie Leigh Jones, who claims she was raped by fellow Halliburton employees when she was working in Iraq in 2005, will finally get her day in court.

Then last week, it lost its bid to throw out a court case claiming it had intentionally sent unarmed civilian drivers into a recognized combat zone, causing seven deaths and 14 injuries.

Now, Mother Jones reports that the Pentagon agreed to pay KBR $5 million a year to repair tactical vehicles, from Humvees to big rigs, at Joint Base Balad, a massive airfield and supply center north of Baghdad. But now, the Pentagon acknowledges that what the military got was as many as 144 civilian mechanics, with each doing as little as 43 minutes of work a month. 43 minutes a month with no oversight!

Nice work if you can get it. Combined with the Jamie Leigh Jones and truck cases, this confirms that the contractor army in Iraq and Afghanistan needs to be overhauled and brought into line. Talk about potential for massive corruption! While people are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, KBR is cleaning up.


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