Employees say they're more likely to stay in organisations with strong ethical cultures than those that are lacking, according to new research.

As far as revelations go, it's hardly earth shattering. The critical question is how does a company create an ethical environment.

The St James Ethics Centre in Sydney, Australia provides us with six important questions managers need to ask when confronted with an ethical dilemma:

1. Would I be happy for this decision to be on the Public record?

2. What would happen if everybody did this?

3. How would I like it if someone did this to me?

4. Will the proposed course of action bring about a good result?

5. What will this proposed course of action do to my character or the character of my organisation?

6. Is the proposed course of action consistent with my espoused values and principles?

To that I would add another obvious question:

7. Is this right?


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