The death of the CFO superstar: The Fastow Legacy

My how things change! It wasn't that long ago that CFOs were treated like rockstars. But with Enron's former go-to man Andrew Fastow taking the stand this week , the Washington Post reminds us that that era is over. It also provides us with a good profile of The Man.

Yep, the CFO superstar is as dead as last Christmas.

Remember when CFOs were hailed for the creative ways they could deliver "shareholder value"? Not any more. Now the focus is on numbers and mind-numbing compliance. Now it's the celebrity chefs who are the rockstars (please, no jokes about cooking the books).

All this coincides with a new study suggesting that CFOs are under new pressure. Now, it's all about developing and maintaining the good name of the company. From rockstar to guardian of trust! That's a big ask, given how much business and government are on the nose now.

No more bright lights but still, it's plenty of work. That's what happens when you have to fix the damage.


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