Tough times for Conrad Black -  on $25,000 a month

Wonder how long it will be before Conrad Black and his wife Barbara Amiel crack open the canned tuna or Campbells Chunky Soup?

You gotta feel sorry for the press baron due to go on trial next year on charges of plundering millions of dollars from his Hollinger International media empire.

An Ontario court has put the pair on a strict budget just $C25,000 ($US22,650) each, according to new reports.

Sure, that sounds like lots of money but hey, it's a pittance compared to previously listed monthly expenses of $US200,000, including a $9000 gardening bill.

And it's just peanuts when compared to Black's 21,000 sq-foot Palm Beach mansion now on the market for over $US35 million.

But let's not expect the Black's to go hungry in their Toronto mansion. Their lawyers are now moving to lift the freeze on his assets.

Poor sods!


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