Not the best of weeks for Donald Trump.

First, there are reports that like senior members of his organization have agreed to meet before a Scottish inquiry surrounding the circumstances of a proposed £1 billion ($1.98 billion) golf resort planned for Balmedie, north of Aberdeen. Aberdeenshire Council rejected the application. It was almost immediately called in by the Scottish Government resulting in a probe.

Now a Las Vegas property management company is suing the Trumpster for $4 billion, according to news reports. Nights at Vegas claims "The Apprentice" star unfairly blocked them from leasing out a number of the condominiums in the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Nights at Vegas takes a 20 percent cut of the rental income when it leases out an apartment in the complex. Now, Trump owns a management company that takes 50 percent of the lease income.

Sounds like a good business deal? Think again. The problem, according to Nights At Vegas, is that Trump has banned them from conducting business using the name Trump in any of their advertising or marketing in relation to the condos at the Trump International. Bit of a problem if you want to promote those properties.

It's suing on the grounds of monopolistic practices and violation of anti-trust laws, false promotion and unfair competition. It's seeking $1 billion in compensatory damages and $3 billion in punitive damages.

You can read the lawsuit here.


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