US chamber of commerce sues EPA

The climate change debate has become so polarized and extreme now that the US Chamber of Commerce and the state of Texas have launched litigation against the Environmental Protection Agency's finding that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere endanger the public health and welfare of current and future generations (aka the "endangerment" finding).

All this creates a nice double act with top Republicans trying to stop the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.Mother Jones compares the litigation to the equivalent of the Scopes monkey trial and says it doesn't have a hope in hell of getting up because US Supreme Court had already found that Greenhouse gases could be covered by the Clean Air Act and that in any case, the EPA's finding was based on science, not politics. It suggests the only reason the litigation is being launched now is political obfuscation.

The more interesting issue is whether the chamber is doing itself damage in the long term with several businesses already slating and quitting the organization, a point I examined in a blog entry last year.


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