Welcome to the Ethics Confessional

Just came across an interesting blog EthicsCrisis.com focusing on global business ethics.

Check out the link that allows you to confess ethical breaches, anonymously.

Some of the confessions are not so much unethical as they are plainly illegal, not to mention badly spelled:

After discovering one of our new-hires was printing heself some money orders, I pocketed some extra cash assuming it would be blamed on her. Of course it was."
"After my manager dissed me, i would log on to the company system using his name and order equipment for myself. — the more expensive the beter.Stuff I always wanted but coulod never afford.I'd get in real early and pick up the packages. The shipping guys didn't care and looked the other way. Anytime anone crossed me, I'd start ordering stuff.l I've done it for years, for stuf worth thousands. It's probably not ethical, but it i very satisfying."

Assuming these are bona fide confessions, it will be interesting to watch how many of them come in. If it's a lot, we have some serious problems about ethics in the workplace. Not to mention problems about downright theft.


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  1. We’ve been pretty astounded at the confessions too, and also that the hundreds of people who’ve rated them don’t seem bothered by the transgressions. I changed the ratings to go from one to 10 to give a greater range and we’ll see if that changes anything.

    I think the confessions are likely to keep on coming. Seems to have struck a chord of some sort.

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