Working for Goldman Sachs

If you want to get an idea of Wall Street's total amorality, particularly the sort at Goldman Sachs, it's worth checking out this blog by Antonio Garcia-Martinez, a former quant who used to work at Goldman Sachs. Just read about an entire culture obsessed with money. Nothing else exists. Working for Goldman Sachs, he says, is like working on the set of a porn movie.

" Wall Street is inward-looking and all-consuming. There exists nothing beyond the money game, and nothing that can't be quantified into dollars and cents … Wall Street, like Scientology, has an all-inclusive and claustrophobic value system all its own … Come mid-December, everyone on the desk lines up outside the partner's office, like the communion line at Christmas Mass, and awaits their little crumb off the big Wall Street table. An entire year's worth of blood, sweat, and tears comes down to that one moment. And the entire New York economy marches to the beat of that bonus drum … Wall Street is even simpler than religion. Your entire worth as a human is defined by one number: the compensation number your boss tells you at the end of the year. See, pay on Wall Street works as follows: your base salary is actually quite modest, but your 'bonus' is where the real money is. That bonus is completely discretionary, and can vary anywhere from zero to a manifold multiple of your base salary."

Goldman Sachs has recently told its staff to stop swearing in their emails after getting in trouble for talking about "s…y deals".

They might clean up the language but the arrogant culture that encouraged its traders to speak like hasn't changed. Neither has their view of the world.


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