Workplace racism, Texas style

Despite all the feel good stuff that came out of Obama's beer summit last year with the professor and policeman, American racism has been raging in Texas.

Last year, we had reports about racism at a pipe fabrication plant, Turner Industries, in Paris Texas with confederate flags painted on everything from protective headgear to cell phones and racist graffiti including pictures of nooses.

Now the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has put out a statement, reported here, that black workers "were subjected to unwelcome racial slurs, comments and intimidation, racial graffiti, nooses in the workplace and other symbols of discrimination."

Workers claimed they were called "coons" and "monkeys". According the EEOC also said Blacks weren't given equal employment and advancement and that those who complained about their treatment were subject to reprisals.

Turner has out a "we know nothing" kind of statement saying the charges are false. Because the company refuses to admit it, the problem will continue.

There is plenty of evidence that racism is still strong in the US with blacks hit harder by the recession and the "jobless recovery" and still getting treated badly by police.

Clearly, there are parts of the US which are like Mississippi 50 years ago.


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