The big news is that Foxconn, the company that makes the iPhones and iPads for Apple, is now working with Google to make robots. The Wall Street Journal reports that Foxconn has been working with former Android executive Andy Rubin since last year to carry out the U.S. company's vision for robotics. Google set up a new robotics group and acquired eight robotics companies last year, including Boston Dynamics, an engineering company that has designed mobile research robots for the Pentagon. It's thought that Google's first major task will be to develop bots which can be used for large-scale manufacturing and logistics which, according to the New York Times, would turn it into a competitor to Amazon. In that respect Foxconn is probably the perfect partner to help Google achieve its vision given its history of poor working conditions and suicidal workers at its plants. Foxconn doesn't give a damn about workers and is now in the process of replacing the million workers it has in China with robots.

"Foxconn needs Google's help to step up automation at its factories as the company has the lowest sales per employee among the contract makers, given its large workforce," Wanli Wang, an analyst at CIMB Securities told The Wall Street Journal. "Using robots to replace human workers would be the next big thing in the technology industry. Not just Google, other major technology companies such as Microsoft and Amazon also have been developing robotics technology to capture the future growth opportunities."

And that could destroy many jobs.

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13 Feb 2014